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Toolbag Artist Highlight | Ep. 150

We’ve got an accumulation of top-notch artwork from the Toolbag community.

  1. Magdalena Dadela dazzled us with her fantastic experiments in her latest renders, RED.
  2. Daniel Swing lights up the room with his excellent execution of a ceiling lamp.
  3. Arthur Sarah Gonçalves has created a lovely, character infused beach house diorama.
  4. Emre Karabacak shows off his skills with his take on Destiny’s Hawkmoon.

Thanks for checking out the latest featured artwork rendered in Toolbag. Stay tuned for more next week.

4 Channel Detail Normal Map Shader for Marmoset Toolbag

Tech art wizard Chris Perrella created a Detail Normal RGBA shader that provides four slots for tiling micro detail normal maps and a splat mask to control where each detail map is shown. This shader is especially useful for cloth, skin and environment assets like rocks or terrain. You can grab the shader on Gumroad.

Viviane Herzog: Diver Girl Breakdown

Character artist Viviane Herzog recently talked to about pursuing her passion in games and generously gave us a breakdown of her latest phenomenal character, Diver Girl. Viviane highlighted the use Toolbag for material creation as well as detailing the setup for the deep sea lighting scenario. Check out the interview here and find out more about Toolbag 3.

Character Materials and Rendering Workshop

Xavier Coelho-Kostolny, a most fabulous, whimsical character artist has recently created a series of workshops tailored around modern texturing and rendering for characters. He has also included several thorough breakdowns of some of the more challenging aspects of modern materials.

Check out the videos on his Youtube channel and find more of Xavier’s work on Artstation.

Toolbag Artist Highlight | Ep. 142

Enjoy a brand new collection of renders by the Toolbag community.

  1. Raf Regidor created a wonderful, eerie miner.
  2. Shana Vandercruysse made a majestic merman for us to admire.
  3. Roumen Filipov crafted a real-time interpretation of the Master of the unseen hand from Dungeons & Dragons.
  4. Glenn De León takes on a different design for Korra by concept artist Den Rodichev.

Thanks for checking out the latest featured artwork rendered in Toolbag. Stay tuned for more next week.