Toolbag Artist Highlight | Ep. 176

Check out this week’s collection of wonderful renders!

  1. Alex Khaliman created a fantastic render of a 1911.
  2. Antoine De Lorenzo submitted the “Engineer of Light” to Cubebrush’s Art War challenge.
  3. Julien Desroy finalized “The Enlightened” for Cubebrush’s Art War challenge.
  4. Silvan Kerseboom developed an awesome mech character.

Thanks for checking out the latest featured artwork rendered in Toolbag. Stay tuned for more next week.

How to Make a Colt Single Action 45

Emre Karabacak discussed how he created his colt gun which included Toolbag 3 for the rendering process. Emre broke down his lighting setup and used global illumination to get the most out of his beauty shots.

Learn how you can create spectacular renders using Marmoset Toolbag 3.