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Baking for Maya with Marmoset Toolbag 3

Airborn Studios, a high quality art studio who have created content for titles including Ori and the Blindforest and Overwatch, have created a free, in-depth guide covering their baking process inside Toolbag 3. This Maya centric tutorial explains how to prepare your 3D models to get the most out of Toolbag 3’s baker.

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Art War Competition Results

The winners of the Cubebrush Art War contest have been announced! We celebrate by highlighting the 3D category, each champion used Toolbag 3 to create their exquisite renders.


  1. Blair Armitage grabs the first place trophy with her whimsical duo, Oniko & Tama.
  2. Alexey Klimov lands second place with his bold Diva.
  3. Dane Petersen took third place with the powerful KUMA.
  4. Nikita Kuzmichev secures fourth place with the evergreen Forest Avenger.
  5. Alexj Peters conquers fifth place with Quiana, the Wasteland Stalker.