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Hexels Adventures | Ep. 7 Elves’ Workshop

This holiday season, Mark Knight takes you on tour through the Hexels workshop where elves create cubic presents from magic pixel dust. Watch as he uses Hexels 3 to draw out a series of bustling Elves, animates them frame by frame and brings it all together using animated layer transforms.

Watch the final sequence and check out previous episodes of Hexels Adventures.

Making of: Hexels 3 Sidescroller Action Scene

Mark Knight is back with a brand new breakdown of his Hexels 3 sidescroller scene. Mark developed the art style with a 90’s video game aesthetic in mind using the new pixel painting layer and brushes system. He also crafted the animation frame by frame, utilizing Hexels’ many nifty animation features.

Get started on your path to geometric goodness with Hexels 3.

Making of: Hexels 3 Behemoth Reveal

Marmoset’s own Mark Knight broke down his rotoscoping workflow for the Hexels 3 Behemoth Reveal animation. Mark utilized Hexels’ new drag and drop image feature and pixel painting brushes to realize the final results. He provided some great tips on animating layer transforms and post effects as well.

Get started on your path to geometric goodness with Hexels 3.

Hexels Feature Friday | Ep. 108

We’re back brand new edition of Hexels Feature Friday!

  1. Trixel Doggo by etall.
  2. Isometric pixel structure by Michael Myers.
  3. Derp kitty by Jen Maynulet.
  4. Retro workstation by Althea Krebelj.

Start creating your pixel-perfect wonderland with Hexels 3.

Hexels Feature Friday | Ep. 107

Check out a sweet batch of art made in Hexels!

  1. The Jackalope King’s Chest by StoneDragonWorkshop.
  2. Sparrow Run Cycle by ThePixelArcher.
  3. Derp Dog by Jen Maynulet.
  4. Pixel Hellboy by T.Lonsdale.

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