Last of Us: Capturing the Spirit and the Look

Romain Dauger is a remarkably talented environment artist who just wrote an in-depth breakdown for his impressive rendition of an environment from The Last of Us. We’re proud to say that Romain baked the maps for his assets using Toolbag 3’s shiny new baker. Check out the article on 80.lv and find more of Romain Dauger’s work on Artstation.      

Toolbag Artist Highlight | Ep. 119

Enjoy this excellent selection of artwork rendered in Marmoset Toolbag!

Artist Credits

  1. Mike Fudge crafted an incredible Warhammer 40k inspired character entitled Blood Angel. 
  2. Christian Hercher built a towering mech with many details to admire. 
  3. Satoshi Arakawa is creating a marvelous rendition of Wonder Woman. 
  4. Chris Hodgson puts Toolbag 3’s lighting to the test with an Alien inspired render. 

Thanks for checking out the latest featured artwork rendered in Toolbag. Stay tuned for more next week.

Marmoset Pano Pack | San Francisco

We’ve just released the San Francisco Pano Pack with an introductory 40% discount! Learn more here: marmoset.co/panos

Explore the essence of San Francisco. Marvel at the redwoods of Muir Woods, take in Golden Gate Bridge overlooking Fort Point, stroll down graffiti-decorated alleys, admire the neoclassical architecture of City Hall, climb to the top of Twin Peaks, and discover the edge of the world at Lands End.

Our high-quality, high-resolution pack of 360° HDR panoramas empowers you to use San Francisco’s beauty as the backdrop for your next project.

Toolbag Artist Highlight | Ep. 116

Once again, we’ve got a fancy set of renders to boost your inspiration levels!

Artist Credits

  1. Kamil Trocinski presents a bust engrossed with outstanding details.
  2. Carsten Stueben sets up a spooky atmosphere, complete with a creepy mech crawler.  
  3. Kimmo Kaunela crafted a whimsical vehicle bursting with vibrant colors. 
  4. Melan Barba created a fabulous, but dangerous guard no one attempt to get past. 

Thanks for checking out the latest featured artwork rendered in Toolbag. Stay tuned for more next week.

Marmoset Toolbag 3.01 Update

We’ve just released our first patch for Toolbag 3! This update adds vertex color output to the Baker, as well as resolution settings for Global Illumination. We’ve improved stability and performance with the Baker, and fixed a number of bugs as well.

Open Toolbag 3 to get the update, or download the latest installer from the product page.

See the full list of changes here.

Toolbag 3 Available Now!

Happy Release Day!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the official release of the new generation of our flagship rendering suite, Marmoset Toolbag. We’re excited to get these new tools in your hands, and we eagerly await to see what you create. Oh, and let’s not forget. Toolbag 3, along with the entire Marmoset family of products, is 20% OFF Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

New in Toolbag 3

The additions of animation, global illumination, and texture baking headline this release. A revamped interface, enhanced render quality, new skin shader, direct-to-ArtStation upload, Unity and Unreal exports, and many more features and improvements ensure that Toolbag is ready to tackle any artistic challenge from concept through production.

Learn more about the exciting new features, and download/upgrade/buy now: marmoset.co/toolbag