Hexels Adventures | Ep. 6 Orbiter 13

Brace yourselves for the most action packed Hexels Adventures episode yet! In this installment, Mark Knight utilizes a wide range of new features found in Hexels 3 including pixel painting, pixel layers and drag and drop images. Mark used a mix of traditional frame by frame painting, animated layer transforms and post effects to create the final video.

Watch the final trailer and check out previous episodes of Hexels Adventures.

Making of: Hexels 3 Behemoth Reveal

Marmoset’s own Mark Knight broke down his rotoscoping workflow for the Hexels 3 Behemoth Reveal animation. Mark utilized Hexels’ new drag and drop image feature and pixel painting brushes to realize the final results. He provided some great tips on animating layer transforms and post effects as well.

Get started on your path to geometric goodness with Hexels 3.

Hexels 3 | “Orbiter 13” Trailer

Mark Knight unleashes the full force of Hexels 3 with his latest creation – Orbiter 13. The trailer was made entirely in Hexels and showcases some of the many new features that we’ve added. Stay tuned for a new installment of Hexels Adventures with Mark Knight to see how the trailer was created.

In the meantime, check out previous episodes of Hexels Adventures.

Hexels Feature Friday | Ep. 107

Check out a sweet batch of art made in Hexels!

  1. The Jackalope King’s Chest by StoneDragonWorkshop.
  2. Sparrow Run Cycle by ThePixelArcher.
  3. Derp Dog by Jen Maynulet.
  4. Pixel Hellboy by T.Lonsdale.

Thanks for checking out this week’s Hexels Feature Froday. Join the Hexels Facebook User Group to try the new beta build!

Habitats in Hexels

Over the years, the Hexels community has created diverse works of art. One of the most recurring themes is creating an isometric piece of a habitat. It could be their dream home, a recreation of a memory, or simply, their own bedroom. Today we share a few of these sweet submissions that have been posted to our grounds over the last few years.

  1. Arianne Criseyde created an ultra-heartwarming breakfast piece.
  2. Beth Mohler re-interpreted the Firewatch tower in full isometric glory.
  3. Andres Reinot showed us his rendition of how president Obama departed the Oval Office.
  4. Samuel Sheath re-created this beautiful memory for his girlfriend in full isometric fashion.
  5. Mark Knight explored the world of architectural visualization using a mix of vector and pixel painting to design a modern flat.
  6. Kenze Wee conveyed a quiet, lonely moment with a man overlooking a cityscape.
  7. Kevin Rob recreated his office space which included our favorite choice of fuel: a good old fashioned cup of coffee.
  8. Javier Corzo illuminated the streets with his home.

If you’ve made your own habitat or would like to share any of your Hexels creations, tag us on Twitter, submit to our Facebook user group or our Tumblr.