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Marmoset is Hiring!

We’re looking for talented, motivated programmers to join our team and help us make beautiful computer graphics tools. If this sounds like it’s up your alley, keep reading.

Marmoset is a small, friendly, self-driven team. We’re currently continuing development on our existing products, Toolbag and Viewer, as well as projects yet unannounced. We need your help adding cool new features and improving quality throughout our product line. Your responsibilities will include work with: lighting & shading, materials, screen effects, animation, mesh editing, data import, user interface, and much more.

We’re not sticklers for requirements – if you feel like you can do the job then we want to hear from you. That said, a good candidate probably looks something like this:

  • Five or more years programming experience
  • Familiarity with real-time rendering techniques
  • Familiarity with art production

You will be given a wide berth to choose your tasks and how to complete them. We prefer working with people who have both ideas and strong opinions in good supply. We hold self-motivation in higher esteem than specific expertise.

Some benefits Marmoset can offer in this working arrangement:

  • Work remotely (pants optional)
  • Flexible billing (full-time, indefinite contract)
  • Flexible working hours (we’re on US central time)
  • Pay commensurate with experience

Still on board? We want to hear from you! Obviously there is much more to discuss once we’re properly introduced, but for starters we’d like to hear what your technical interests are, and what sorts of projects you’ve spent time on.

Please write us at We hope to hear from you soon!