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Hexels Hotkey Guide

There are plenty of ways to use the tools in Hexels, including some fancy features you may have not known about. We’ve put together a helpful list of keys and shortcuts to help you push all the right buttons.

Note:  On Mac, use Command instead of Ctrl.


Item Key Notes
Brush B Hold Q for quick erase
Outline O
Line L
Fill/Gradient/Noise G Shift – G to cycle
Erase E
Selection S Shift + S to cycle
Color Drop D
Pan Space
Zoom Z
Zoom-to-Fit Z+Z Double-click to see the whole canvas
Pixel Preview P Hold to preview the canvas at export resolution
Zoom-to-Pixel P+P Double-click and zoom to export resolution
Layer Transform T
Free Transform Ctrl + T
Frame Tool F
Swap Color X Switch between foreground and background color
Quick Layer Picker W Hover tool over layer content to pick layer
Flip Horizontal H View and paint on a horizontally flipped canvas
Flip Vertical V View and paint on a vertically flipped canvas
Item Key Notes
Toggle Grid Ctrl + G
Toggle Glow Ctrl + Shift + G
New Document Ctrl + N
Select Sub-Grid Alt + 1-9 Trixel mode only
Cycle Sub-Grids Alt + [ , ] Trixel mode only
Brush Opacity 0 – 9
Brush Size [ , ] Increase/decrease brush size
Item Key Notes
Add New Layer Ctrl + Shift + N
Insert Frame =
Insert Key Cel Shift + =


Action/Key Description
Hold Shift (new selection) Constrain selection to square
Hold Shift (existing selection) Add to selection
Hold Alt Remove from selection
Hold Ctrl Move selection area
Drag Move selected content
Action/Key Description
Hold Shift Lock paintbrush along axis
Hold Alt Temporary switch to Color Drop tool
Hold Alt + Shift Blend between current and picked color
X Swap between foreground and background color
Free Transform
Action/Key Description
Hold Alt Scale from center
Hold Shift Constrain scale to 1:1 aspect ratio
Layer Transform
Action/Key Description
Hold Ctrl Snap to grid when moving layer contents
Hold Shift Constrain transform along specific direction
Hold Alt Precise transform when moving layer contents
Action/Key Description
Hold Shift + tap arrow keys Cycle Layers/Frames
Hold Shift + Double click cel Turn cel into an empty key cel
Action/Key Description
Hold Alt + Scroll forward/backward Zoom in/out
Hold Spacebar + Hold rmb Pan canvas
Hold H View and paint on a horizontally flipped canvas
Hold V View and paint on a vertically flipped canvas