Getting to Know Toolbag 3

By Joe Wilson

Getting to Know Toolbag 3 is a series of short videos designed to get new and veteran users alike up to speed, as well as highlight some of the exciting new features that we’ve added to Toolbag.

Episode 1: Scene Setup

Follow along as we show you the basics of working in Toolbag 3, including how to import 3D models, create materials, and set up lighting.

Episode 2: Lighting & Presentation

Learn how to create a quick lighting setup for your character, and explore some of the finer points of the camera and post effect systems. Finish it up by exporting your renders directly to ArtStation.

This video features artwork by Yuri Alexander.

Episode 3: Animation

This episode covers the new animation system. Watch to find out how to load animated characters and set up animation sets, create animations for objects, and how to use the turntable object.

This video features artwork by Viviane Herzog and Thomas Pradeilles.

Episode 4: Texture Baking

Explore the depths of our ground-breaking baking tools. Learn how bake groups work, how to paint offset and skew maps, take a detailed look at ambient occlusion maps, and save it all out as a layered PSD!

Episode 5: Global Illumination

Learn how to light things up with the global illumination system, including a detailed look at how to optimize some of the settings for complex environments.