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Maya to Toolbag Baker Mel Script

Maya to Toolbag Baker Mel Script

3D artist Malcolm Andrieshyn created a mel script to simplify your normal map baking workflow in Toolbag 3. The mel script allows you to quickly export high poly and low poly meshes without

Creating an SMG with 3ds Max and Toolbag

Rick Greeve talked to 80.lv about his process for creating an SMG. Rick discussed his modeling workflow and showed how he used Toolbag 3 to assemble his beauty renders.

Making of: Getting to Know Hexels Intro

Mark Knight talked to 80.lv about about creating the complex intro animation for the Getting To Know Hexels series. Learn about transform animations, tweening and layer ordering to achieve fantastic animations using Hexels.

Hexels Challenge: Halloween

This Halloween, get hexed by Hexels and bring your most frightening nightmares to life. Use Hexels’ unique blend of vector and pixel painting tools to scare the candy out of us. Enter the