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Toolbag Tutorials

Learn more about the features and techniques powering our 3D rendering suite, Marmoset Toolbag.

Add a Background Image to Your Render with Toolbag 3

By Joe Wilson Adding a background image to your render is quick and easy with Toolbag 3. You can composite your model onto an image to give your renders more context and interest,

Writing Custom Shaders For Toolbag 3

By Jeff Russell Toolbag 3 provides a framework for users to customize the material shader system. This can be a powerful tool for users to extend Toolbag’s rendering capabilities, and for these improvements

Python Scripting For Toolbag 3

By Jeff Russell We’re proud to announce that as of version 3.03, Marmoset Toolbag has Python scripting support! This feature allows for the creation and distribution of user scripts and plugins to add

Portfolio Ready Renders with Tim Bergholz

Portfolio Ready Renders with Tim Bergholz

Tim Bergholz just released an epic 15 hour course that covers his process for creating a sweet mech from scratch. Tim was kind enough to provide the Toolbag 3 section of his tutorial

Getting to Know Toolbag 3

Getting to Know Toolbag 3 is a series of short video tutorials designed to get new and veteran users alike up to speed, as well as highlight some of the exciting new features

The Toolbag Baking Tutorial

By Joe Wilson. This tutorial will get you up to speed with Marmoset Toolbag’s baker. From the technical to the artistic, follow along as we shed light on numerous subjects to enable you

Just a Tip | Panoramic Presentation

We’re back with another episode of Just a Tip, explaining how to set up a scene in Toolbag 2 to export your panoramas or 360° paintings to Marmoset Viewer. Download the example Toolbag