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Hexels Tutorials

Learn more about the features and techniques at play behind the digital painting and animation tools found in Marmoset Hexels.

Making Tiling Textiles with Hexels

By Mira Karouta Geometric patterns are everywhere around us, they’re embedded in our design aesthetics and are super easy to create in Hexels. In this guide, I’ll show you some real world examples

Hexels Effects | Normal Map Lighting

Hexels Effects | Normal Map Lighting

Hexels Effects are an excellent way to add a unique spin to your art. In this guide, Mira highlights one of the most exciting effects: Normal Map Lighting. Learn how to animate the

Hexels Adventures with Mark Knight

Marmoset is proud to present Hexels Adventures, a speedpaint video series that takes us on a journey through Mark Knight’s creative process.

Hexels Effects

Hexels 2.56 adds the ability to import and use custom effects on your canvas. Hexels already comes bundled built-in effects: blurs, blobs, color curves, and dissolves. Now you can download even more from our online collection of the odd, wonderful, and experimental.

Color Palette Magic!

By Ken Kopecky, Lead Hexels Kengineer Artwork by Mira Karouta, Art Hextraordinaire Although it looks deceptively like a plain old list of colors, the color palette in Hexels 2 has a few tricks