Hexels Tutorials

Learn more about the features and techniques at play behind the magic of our digital painting and animation tools available in Marmoset Hexels.

Hexels Hotkey Guide

There are plenty of ways to use the tools in Hexels, including some fancy features you may have not known about. We’ve put together a helpful list of keys and combinations to help

Glow Classic

By Ken Kopecky, Lead Hexels Kengineer This time around I’m going to talk about glow in Hexels 2.5, how it changed from Hexels 2.0, and how you can go back to something similar

Hexels 2.5 Walkthrough

In this video, Mira Karouta demonstrates the exciting new features that make 2.5 one of Hexels’ most significant updates to date. Layer masking and adjustment layers enable you to stack your canvas to

Hexels 2.5 Beta | Live Stream

Hexels 2.5 Beta | Live Stream

Have lunch plans? You do now! Tune in at 12 PM CST watch Mira show off the new features in the Hexels 2.5 beta!

Custom Shaders in Hexels 2

Adding Blending and Post-Processing Effects By Ken Kopecky, Lead Hexels Kengineer One of the coolest new features in Hexels 2.5 is the use of fragment shaders for layer blending and post effects (PFX).

Hexels 2: Animating in Timeline

Our Hexels wizard, Mira, is back to give you a crash course on how to animate using the Timeline in Hexels. She explains a bunch of terminology, makes you hungry for sushi and

Hexels 2: The Grand Tour

Follow Mira Karouta as she explores the electrifying new features and improvements that we’ve made to the wonderful, shape-filled world that is Hexels 2.