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Telling Stories Through Character Art with Natalia P Gutiérrez

Learn how to create compelling character renders in Toolbag with Natalia P Gutiérrez. Natalia focuses on storytelling, presentation, and breaks down her award winning scene, “The Mother”.

Hexels 3 Isometric Spiral Staircase Tutorial

Hexels 3 Isometric Spiral Staircase Tutorial

Artist Mark Knight has released a new Hexels 3 tutorial demonstrating his techniques for creating an isometric spiral staircase.

Marmoset Hexels 3 on itch.io! | 25% Kick-Off Sale (May 7 – May 13)

Our geometric painting gem, Hexels 3, has found a new home on the indie games and tools site, Itch.io!

Quick Tip: Overlapping Bakes

Quick Tip: Overlapping Bakes

Henrique Lopes just released a quick video tutorial demonstrating how to properly organize your UVs and meshes in Toolbag 3’s baker to bake details for LOD’s.

May Day Sale | All Marmoset Software On Sale!

You can grab licenses of Marmoset Toolbag 3 for 25% OFF, Marmoset Hexels 3 for 50% OFF and Pano Packs at 50% OFF from Tuesday, May 1st through Friday, May 4th.

Free Update: Toolbag 3.04

Toolbag 3.04 is a free update which adds a host of new features. Highlight the release are new baker outputs and workflow improvements, animated Viewer files and improved shadows.

Toolbag Hotkey Guide

Note:  On Mac, use Command instead of Ctrl. Navigation Item Key Notes Orbit Alt + Left Mouse Pan Alt + Middle Mouse Zoom/Dolly Alt + Right Mouse Standard Zoom/Dolly Zoom/Dolly (Alt) Ctrl +